Street lawyers and legal literacy: determinants of health.


Congratulations to WHCA award winning intern, Martin Luca de la Cruz, whose work for Avvocato di Strada  in Foggia, Italy is  featured in new book  “Io, avvocato di strada” (I am a Street Lawyer).

Martin’s capacity to help homeless (immigrants and Italian natives) people access, understand and take action on their human rights and entitlements is described by author /lawyer Massimiliano Arena. 

The book makes important links to the health role of lawyers which can transform people’s lives particularly marginalized or underprivileged groups.

“A doctor can save a life, but an undocumented person cannot have access to a doctor if there is no lawyer fighting for them to get their documents. Our profession is the most merciful: we defend everybody, we do not judge anybody” (from the back cover of Io, avvocato di strada)


Avvocato di strada fundrising event in Foggia, Italy (June 2018)



The Help Center  at Foggia railway station where Avvocato di Strada is located and where Martin receives many homeless and migrant people seeking for help in navigating the complex system to ensure their human rights.